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Wine, Oil And Resin

Wine, Oil And Resin

Vessa is an enchanting picturesque village in Chios. It is one of the 20 villages located in southern Chios involved with cultivating the mastic trees. These Mastichochoria (i.e. mastic-producing villages) were created when Chios was in the hands of the Genoese Giustiniani family and the Mahona company, in 1346. The Genoese built the villages so that the mastic-producers could live in safety, protected from the menace of rapacious pirates. None of the villages is visible from the sea and all are built so that the walls of the outermost row of houses form a defensive wall with only one or two well-controlled entrances. The Mastichochoria-kastrochoria (fortified villages or burgs) are typical monuments of Medieval town-planning.
Photo taken in Chios, Greece