We love geometry. Geometry is the foundation of life. It is an overview of the basic elements, systems, and orders that constitute a work of architecture. And we love architecture. In this collection, however, our architecture works are not an accurate depiction of a visual reality. Abstract architecture photography is the play of light, shapes, colours, and forms that we find in urban architecture. Much is left to the interpretation of the viewer, who otherwise would pass these structures in the daily landscape without giving them a second glance.

These photos are available for purchase as NFTs by XIOY
at: https://opensea.io/collection/loving-geometry
XingUrban GeometryWooden HarmonyGolden CageSpinalOut of the DarknessUrban Waves IIPentagonsStormy SeasThe CurveAlphaUrban WavesSunday NewsFlying Over the WavesFlying Over the WavesUrban Waves IIINight ShiftFull Moons and CrescentsHarlequin YearsStairs to Suspense