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2nd Place Winner of the Photo Contest "Marvelousness in Simplicity"

2nd Place Winner of the Photo Contest "Marvelousness in Simplicity"

Simplicity brings harmony. It is this harmony in forms and colours that is ultimately beautiful. It is this harmony in a simple lifestyle that brings peace to the soul, and fulfillment. Simplicity in itself is the most marvelous state to be in and the most sought for.

For me personally, simplicity is the bare essence of a good unpretentious life, a life that is envied and has nothing to envy because it is utterly marvelous in its simplicity.

I have chosen to depict an intimate moment in the daily routine of a Greek – like myself – a moment that is laconic, clear and simple. A simple cup of aromatic Greek coffee, a biscuit to dip in the coffee perhaps, a few modest flowers, and some warm sunlight are part of that glorious moment.

This picture was awarded 2nd Place by a jury panel of the contest "Marvelousness in Simplicity - Das Wunderbare im Einfachen" held on Artflakes in February 2014.