"Embarking on my photographic journey, I began by capturing anything that sparked my curiosity. However, amidst the diverse subjects, I found my lens gravitating towards the intricate world of architecture. Perhaps it was a reflection of an unfulfilled dream to become an architect myself.

Immersing myself in this visual narrative, I became captivated by the delicate interplay of functionality and aesthetics within architectural marvels. Each structure told a unique story through lines, shapes, and shadows, and I found myself drawn to the artistry embedded in these constructions.

What fascinated me most was the ability of my lens to transcend reality. Through my photographs, I discovered the power to reshape and reinterpret the world of architecture, presenting it in a way that went beyond mere representation. This journey, fueled by a passion for both the tangible and the abstract, continues to be a source of endless inspiration."

Anna Wacker, a Greek Australian living in Hamburg, is a versatile photographer specializing in architecture, black and white, and fine art photography. A selected range of her works, reflecting a fusion of cultural influences, are now available for purchase as prints through esteemed partners.

Anna Wacker is represented by Influx Gallery, Notting Hill - London and bilderwerk Hamburg. 




Two Bronze Awards, Architecture, ReFocus Color Photography Contest 2024

Four Nominations, Architecture, Fine Art Photo Awards (FAPA 10th Edition)

Finalist, SHOOT Photo/Video, Non-Professional, London International Creative Competition (LICC) 2023

Silver Medal, World Masters of Photography Award, Street Category, 2024

Gold Award, Muse Photography Awards, Architecture Category,  2024

Two Honorable Mentions, World Masters of Photography Award, Contemporary Category, 2024

Two Honorable Mentions, Architecture, Monochrone Photography Awards 2023

Two Honorable Mentions, Architecture, Annual Photography Awards 2023


1st Place Winner, Gold Winner, Architecture, Tokyo International Foto Awards 2023

Silver Winner, Portfolio, Tokyo International Foto Awards 2023

Gold Winner, B&W Photography - Architecture (series), New York Photography Awards 2023

Best of Best, Winner in Educational Exterior, and Honorable Mention in Commercial Interior, Architecture Masterprize Awards 2023

Four Honorable Mentions, Architecture Category, Chromatic Awards 2023

Three Honorable Mentions, Black and White Photo Contest, ReFocus Awards 2023

3rd Prize and Bronze Star Award and one Honorable Mention, ND Awards 2023

2nd Prize, two Honorable Mentions, three Official Selections, Architecture Category, IPA 2023

Finalist, Diversity, General Colour, HIPA 2023

Honorable Mention, Architecture Category, PX3 2023

Category Winner of the Year, Platinum & Gold Winner, Architecture Category, European Photography Awards (EPA 2023)

Honorable Mention, B&W Category, Vienna International Photo Award (VIEPA 2023)

Finalist, Urban Photo Awards 2023

Five Honorable Mentions, Architecture Category, Monovisions Black & White Photography Awards 2023

Finalist, Siena Creative Awards 2023

Honorable Mention, Architecture Category, Best Photography Awards 2022

Two Platinum Awards, Architecture Category, London Photography Awards 2023

Finalist in Architecture Category, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2022

Platinum Winner, Architecture Category - Historic, Muse Photography Awards 2023

Two Honorable Mentions, Free Subject, World Masters of Photography Awards (WMPO 2023)


Honorable Mention, Fine Art:  Places & Spaces, Annual Photography Awards 2022

Two Honorable Mentions, Amateur Architecture Category, Monochrome Awards 2022

Hall of Fame, Influx Gallery - London, 2022

Editor's Choice Photo Award, Certificate of Achievement, We Inspire, Cameropixopress, issue 212, 2022

One Platinum award and two Gold awards in Germany Architecture Category, European Photo Awards (EPA) 2022

One Gold award and three Silver awards in Architecture Category, New York Photography Awards 2022

Two times Platinum winner and one Gold winner in the Architecture Category, London Photography Awards 2022

Three Official Selections and three Honorable Mentions, Tokyo Foto Awards (TIFA) 2022

Official Selection, Honorable Mention, One Shot Color Competition 2022, IPA

Two Honorable Mentions, Architecture and Abstract Categories, Monovisions Photography Awards 2022

Silver Medal and Honorable Mention, B&W Category, Vienna International Photo Award (VIEPA) 2022

7th 35Awards 2022, main annual competition:  100 Best B&W Photographers, Top 150 B&W nomination, Top 10 Hamburg, Top 35 Germany

High Commendation, Architecture Category, Siena Creative Photo Awards 2022

Finalist (x2) in the Street, and Architecture & Urban Spaces Categories, SIENA International Photo Awards 2022


Nomination and certificate of achievement, Architecture category, VIPA 2021 (Visions International Photo Awards), France

6th 35Awards, main annual competition:  Top 35 in Urban Landscape (Architecture) category 2021, Top 20 photographers in Germany, Top 10 photographers in Hamburg

Honorable Mention, Monochrome Awards 2021 Photo Contest in the Amateur Architecture category

Shortlisted in the B&W Category, Vienna International Photo Award (VIEPA) 2021

Top 1000 and shortlist CEWE Photo Award 2021 (from over 606K entries)

1st Place in the Architecture Category, Xposure International Photography and Film Festival 20-21, Sharjah UAE, including 2 more entries shortlisted in the Architecture Category


3rd Place in the Architecture Category, Photo Is Light World Photography Contest 2020, Brazil