Group Exhibitions

Nexus Exhibition, Influx Gallery

Chania International Photo Festival, Chania, Greece, 22-26 July

House of Lucie Budapest, 6-20 June

Gallery "John Kennedy Hellenic American Union", Athens, Greece, 3-23 June

House of Lucie Budapest, 16-30 May

Marunouchi Photo Gallery & Art Space, Tokyo, Japan, 5-30 March

Odyssey Exhibition - Influx Gallery

London Photography Awards Virtual Exhibition 2023

Influx Gallery since May 2022

London Photography Awards Virtual Exhibition 2022


"Xposure International Photography and Film Festival", Sharjah UAE, 10-13 February

"Photographer of the Year 2020" at Agora Gallery, New York City, U.S.A., 11-13 February

"Powerful Lighting" at Gallery Gora, in Montreal, Canada, 30 September - 2 October

"Creative Composition" at Laurent Gallery, in Melbourne, Australia, 16 April

"Circles" Exhibition at Blindwell Gallery in Barnstaple, North Devon, England, 14 September - 18 December 2021


"Your Exhibition Shot" at Stills Centre for Photography, in Edinburgh, Scotland

"Best of Black & White" at BBA Gallery, in Berlin, Germany

"Travel Photography" at Valid World Hall, in Barcelona, Spain

"Your Best Shot" in the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain

"Solo-Single Subject" at ALMANAQUE fotográfica, Mexico City, Mexico

"Powerful Composition" at Fridge Gallery Washington D.C, U.S.A

"Mostly Black" exhibition at The Fridge Gallery, Washington D.C, U.S.A

"My Favorite Shot" exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

"The Art of Photogaphy" exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

"Nature Photography" exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B, Paris, France


"Photo+Adventure" in Duisburg, Germany

"Photokina" in Cologne, Germany

Saoud Al-Thani Award, International Salon of Photographic Art, Doha, Qatar


Tokyo International Foto Awards

Heart Rhythm Journal

Camerapixo Press - A few questions to...

Camerapixo Press Magazine

IMAGeNATION MAGAZINE Issue #1 by We Inspire, Camerapixopress

We Inspire, Issue #212, Cameropixopress

1X Magazine, curated fine art prints

1X Magazine, "Photographer as Illusionist"

MVIBE Magazine, July 2021 edition, Fine Art

Edge of Humanity Magazine - Art in the Ship Graveyard

Edge of Humanity Magazine - Fleeting Beauty

Photo Is Light International Photography Contest: News

bilderwerk Hamburg

Calendar, Hamburger Ansichten 2022, 2023, 2024

Fine Eye Photo Magazine Volume #06

Fine Eye Photo Magazine Volume #09

Eye-Photo Magazine April #04-2021 Issue, May #05-2021 Issue, Volume #12, Volume #16, Volume #23, Volume #25

Photographers Magazine, #8, Jan 2022

Digital Photo Magazine

Photovogue by Vogue Italia

Best of Photovogue by Vogue Italia

Photoimaginart (PiART Gallery)


Demokratiki Newspaper (Δημοκρατική της Ρόδου)

ΠΡΩΤΟ ΘΕΜΑ - Proto Thema Greek newspaper

The National News - UAE

Front cover of the book by Petros Stefaneas (in Russian)

Front cover of the book by Денисова Т.Ю. Аватары времени 2019 (Avatars of Time by Prof. T. Denisova)

Front cover of the book by Денисова Т.Ю. Одиночество: метафизика и диалектика 2019 (Loneliness: Metaphysics and Dialectics by Prof. T. Denisova)


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